International inspections and forwarding services

Rail, road and maritime logistics

Shipping agency


1924 Viglienzone Group is established in Genoa by Luigi Silvio Viglienzone and reaches immediate commercial success.

         Over a few years, the company activity expands on a national level thanks to a network of branches located in Leghorn,

         Ravenna, Venice, Trieste and Fiume.

1961 Viglienzone Adriatica Spa is founded and the company position in the international forwarding sector is strengthened.

1985 Margest Srl is established as shipping agency controlled by Viglienzone Group.

1987 Viglienzone is recognized as “Official monitor” by the European Union to perform quality and quantity controls in international food aid programs.

1990-2000  Viglienzone expands its inspection activities on an international level on behalf of agencies and non-governmental organizations such as AGEA,

                    the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FAO, World Food Programme. In 1992 our branch in Tunisia is opened.

2010-2018 Our rail logistics services are further developed thanks to the opening of our branch in Hungary (2013), allowing us to widen our rail connection

                   system from the main ports and agri-food warehouses to inland storage areas in Italy and abroad (especially in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria,

                   Romania and France). Our international network of partners and agents is reinforced and extended thanks to our new branches in Argentina,

                   Ukraine (2016) and Russia (2018).


Viglienzone has reached a leading position in the market, especially in the agri-food sector, operating both in Italy - mainly in the ports of Venice and Ravenna - and abroad.

Our company can now offer:

  • Customs services and insurance brokerage
  • Rail, maritime and road logistics services
  • Import/export services
  • Inspections and quality/quantity controls of various goods

Our mission

  •   Protect our clients’ interests, building relationships based on mutual trust
  •   Ensure the independence and neutrality of the services provided from the parties involved
  •   Meet our clients’ expectations with customized services
  •   Update our services according to the new market demands and to the potential offered by new technologies


Below is an extract of Viglienzone Adriatica’s certificate of incorporation dated 1924, the year the company was founded.