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Viglienzone Adriatica opens in Budapest

9 April 2013

Viglienzone Adriatica has announced the opening of a new branch in Budapest
Viglienzone Adriatica, historical and international shipping company specialized in particular in the transport of agricultural and food, iron and steel products has announced the opening of a new branch office in Budapest.

The company has to its credit railway stable relations with Hungary, and connects with 18 pairs of trains a week the main storage centers in the country to feed mills in northern Italy, in collaboration with Rail Cargo Hungaria, Hrvatske ┼Żeljeznice, Slovenske Zeleznice, Trenitalia Cargo, with the use of about 65 wagons.

With the opening of Viglienzone Hungaria kft - led by Tibor Varga, former CEO of Express Interfracht Hungaria - Viglienzone Adriatica intend to further develop the rail in place of the road transports.

Next to the transport service Viglienzone Adriatica will also offer sampling and goods inspection services, with the issue of GMP+ certification.

The Hungarians served rail stations are about 30, while 10 are the relevant plants in Italy (Veneto, Lombardia, Piemonte, Emilia Romagna).

The Budapest office - said Viglienzone Adriatica - will also coordinate shipments from Serbia and Croatia.

Viglienzone sede di Budapes