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Customs Services

Through the highly qualified professionals of its Customs Department, Viglienzone Adriatica S.p.A. offers a wide range of services in this field: from the preliminary phase, where consultation is provided to determine feasibility and better approach of customs operations (even in terms of documentation), all the way through to full assistance in practical implementation at all major Customs-houses.

The services we offer cover all customs-related areas with particular reference to:

  • Inward processing mechanisms (the temporary admission of raw materials and re-exportation, also in advance, of the final products)
  • Export formalities with refund of customs duties paid on agricultural products
  • Import formalities both for direct imports and for goods in transit for the suspension arrangements (bonding and temporary warehousing)
  • The preparation of documentation and the successful performance of the most complicated customs clearance procedures especially as regards bonding, litigations from first instance through all the higher courts (for instance, with respect to the dispute on the outcome of customs inspections) and procurement of information on customs fees that are binding for the Administration.

The services may include: obtaining special permits and certificates from the competent authorities for release of any type of goods and, particularly, for the agricultural and food products, zoo-technical products, chemicals (fertilizers) and iron and steel products.

Everything is always managed in compliance with the most updated EC and national standards, kept up-to-date through daily internet links with relative databanks and the public administration. We also share data on line with the public administration (remote transmission of customs declarations) in order to speed up the clearance of goods as much as possible.