International inspections and forwarding services

Rail, road and maritime logistics

Shipping agency

International Controls

The Controls Department operates internationally on behalf of multinational companies and organizations such as the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Commission, the WFP, ONU Agencies, the General Authority for Supply Commodities (Egypt), the General Organization for Export and Import Control (Egypt).

The main services offered are:

  • Quality and quantity controls
  • Sampling
  • Spot analysis on site
  • Assistance and supervision during loading and discharging operations (performed on any means of transport such as       vessels, trains, trucks, etc.)
  • Tally of packed goods
  • Stock inventories
  • Surveys and consultations
  • Certifications

Thanks to our local highly qualified personnel and to a reliable network of partners, we can offer the above reported services for different kinds of goods not only in Europe but also in the Black Sea area (Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova), in the Middle East (Iraq, Jordan, Iran, Turkey), in North Africa (Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lybia), in South America (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile) and in the Far East (China, India and Thailand).


Agri food sector

The Controls Department is specialized in the agri food sector.

Besides the above mentioned services, we perform inspections of the suitability of warehouses and means of transport, assistance during transfers of goods and fumigations, measurement of the parameters determining the preservation of the goods (temperature, moisture, spot analysis, specific weight, foreign maters, aflatoxins, DON).  

The products we usually handle are: cereals (including rice), wheat, sugar, vegetable oils, oil-seeds, pasta, pulses, dairy products, canned vegetables and meats, animal feeds.  

A specific traceability procedure has been developed by Viglienzone in order to ascertain the absence of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) for all raw materials and by-products arrived by vessels which are checked and sampled by us into warehouses. The results of our control are certified by us.

Thanks to our specialized personnel, we can perform stock inventories both in Italy and abroad on goods stored in port areas and in inland warehouses. This service allows our clients to get from a third party a certificate of the physical storage of the goods at a specific date to define balance sheet surplus.


Machinery, vehicles and equipment

The Controls Department can perform pre- and post-shipment inspections of: agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles, medical equipments and devices, spare parts, etc.

Our company has acquired considerable experience in this sector especially thanks to the activities performed on behalf of Italian and foreign governmental departments.

Our inspections – performed in compliance with ISO 17020 standards – include the accurate check of the goods on the basis of the contractual technical specifications, the verification of the integrity of the packaging and marking, the tally and loading supervision.


Chemical and petroleum products, minerals and biomasses

We can perform inspections, samplings, calibrations, surveys, consultations, specific checks on different products, cooperating – if required - with ISO 17025 accredited public or private laboratories known for their proven professionalism.


Release for consumption

The Controls Department has been recognized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency as “company specialized on an international level in monitoring and control” and can therefore certify the import and release for consumption to non-European countries of the goods that benefit from special export subsidies.

Our certificates are recognized by the EU as authorization for the payment of the subsidies (refunds). Our company can offer this services to all the interested operators for goods destined to various countries throughout the world.