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International Controls

Agrifood sector

The main services that our company can provide to its clients are: weight checks, quality inspections, sampling, analyses, assistance and supervision during loading and unloading operations on any means of transport (ship, train, truck, etc.), tally of packed goods, stock inventories.

Other services pertaining to this sector are: inspection of the suitability of warehouses and means of transport, assistance during the transfer of goods, fumigation and measurement of the parameters for preservation of goods (temperature, moisture, etc.).

The products we regularly handle are: cereals (including rice), flours, meals, sugar, vegetable oils, oil-seeds, pasta, pulses, dairy products, canned vegetables and meats, fertilizers, animal feeds, equipment and machineries.

A particular traceability procedure has been perfected by Viglienzone in order to ascertain the absence of OGM (Genetically modified organisms) for all raw materials and by-products arrived by ship, discharged, introduced into warehouse where they are checked, sampled and finally reloaded for final destination by trucks or wagons. The result of this control is certified by us.

Finally, we remind you that we can perform inventory control for important national and foreign groups with specialized personnel both in Italy and abroad of the goods stored in port area and in inland territory. This allows our clients to obtain a certified statement of the physical storage of the goods at a specific date for balance sheet purposes from a third body.

Inspections in Argentina

We perform with our skilled personnel and with the support of a Gafta approved Argentinian Inspection Company (Inspec Group S.A. Rosario) quality and quantity inspections at loading in the Argentinian ports of shipments of agri-food products with destination European ports, with issuing of relevant reports/certificates; this activity is proceeding with satisfactory results for us and our client ensuring risk management and safe execution of the requested services. (VIDEO)


Since 1987, Viglienzone Adriatica S.p.A. has been recognized by the former Div. VIII of the European Union as "Official Monitor", i.e. coordinator of food aid operations to help certain beneficiary countries and/or non-governmental organizations such as the World Food Programme in Rome, EURONAID in The Hague, UNRWA in Amman and The International Red Cross in Geneva.

From 1998 up to 2005 Viglienzone has worked in joint-venture with an English company as Official Monitor of the European Community for the quality/quantity controls at departure of all food-aids financed by the European Community and sent to developing countries and to countries struck by serious natural disasters. The company won contracts to perform operations on both goods leaving from Europe and on products purchased locally in the developing countries and in third world producing countries outside the E.C..

The company is currently operating as "PRICE CONGRUITY" inspector, coordinator and controller for "COMMODITY AIDS" operations that use Italian financing authorized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that involve the supply of raw materials, agricultural products, processed products, equipment and machineries or involve training of qualified personnel in the beneficiary countries which fall under our sphere of influence and which are currently: Egypt, Tunisia, Ethiopia and Mozambique.

Viglienzone Adriatica S.p.A. also regularly participate in Tenders launched by AG.E.A. (Rome) for control activities connected with the supply of foodstuffs to aid third countries and, having been awarded several Tenders, is now recognized by AG.E.A. as a leading company in this sector too.

Release for consumption sector

The Controls Department of Viglienzone Adriatica S.p.A. has been recognized by the Ministry of Finance as a "Company specialized in monitoring and control on international level" and can, therefore, certify the import and release for consumption in third world countries of the goods that benefit from special export subsidies.

The certificates are recognized by the E.C. as authorization for the payment of said subsidies (refunds).
Our Company can provide this service to the interested operators for goods being sent to various countries throughout the world.

As regards controls for export refunds for agricultural products, the activities performed by Viglienzone Adriatica S.p.A. in providing this control service are better described in the Quality Handbook (MDQ02 and Price List).

In particular, the latest version of the Quality Handbook (MDQ02) forms an integral part of the contractual conditions established by Viglienzone Adriatica S.p.A. with the client through a special mandate; the acceptance of the mandate by the client is equivalent to the acceptance of the indications given in above-mentioned Handbook. These conditions are restated and signed by the client in the mandate.

Machinery, equipment, tool sector

Our company operates through its own employees or through independent external skilled inspectors specialised in this particular sector thanks to the trust placed in us from the very outset by Italian and foreign governmental departments.

We draw up accurate inspection reports after having carefully examined the contract or tender specifications and during all stages up to the final availability of supply, including, where required, a report on functional testing of the finished equipment under our control.

Chemical, Oil and mineral products, biomass

The acquisition of skilled personnel and cooperation with highly qualified external skilled inspectors has enabled the company to develop this sector over time.

We are therefore able to carry out inspections, sampling, calibrations, surveys, consultation activities and specific controls on various products, where necessary making use of public and private laboratories also accredited to rule UNI CEI ISO/IEC 17025 of known and proven knowledge and professionalism.