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Viglienzone online

Viglienzone online platforms allow our clients to find all the information they need quickly and effectively.

Through our “Reserved Area”, our clients can get in real time all the data related to the services that we offer in the following sectors:

  • Agri food sector
  • International inspections
  • Rail logistics.


Our online software Cargo, makes it possible to find all the information concerning the sales/purchases and the handling of agri food products, among which:

  • Sales data (past and present)
  • Purchases data (past and present)
  • Customers and suppliers pick-ups (past and present)
  • Expiry of free storage periods
  • Real time update of the trucks at port warehouses (incoming, under loading, outgoing, etc.)
  • Loading points and tracking of the loaded goods
  • Goods delivery reports and DDT in pdf format
  • Daily handing
  • Statistics on handled goods

My Survey

This new service allows our clients to have access in real time to all the information concerning the inspections performed (working times, quantities inspected, details of the sampling operations, documents issued, etc.).

MySurvey offers the following benefits:

  • A common platform where all the data concerning the inspections performed can be uploaded and recorded, avoiding e-mail exchanges;
  • Access in real time to all the information concerning ongoing inspections, downloading photographs, documents and statistics concerning the activities performed;
  • An online reserved area for our clients where they can upload data and documents concerning the contracts signed.

My Train

Concerning rail logistics, the software MyTrain, developed by our Hungarian branch, offers in real time detailed information related to the rail transport of goods, such as:

  • Trains listing in real time and past data
  • Details about quantities and type of goods
  • Details about suppliers
  • Weight and number of wagons
  • Time log of loading and discharging operations
  • Certificates for each train
  • Details about departure and arrival stations
  • Statistics

The clients using our online services are provided with their own access code allowing to protect the confidentiality of their data.

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