Viglienzone Adriatica has been recognized as AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) which certifies its reliability as operator towards customs authorities and whose benefits include an easier access to authorizations, simplifications and a reduced level of customs controls.

Viglienzone Adriatica has been accredited as third party inspection company by:

  •   GASC (the General Authority for Supply Commodities) – Egypt
  •   GOEIC (the General Organization For Export and Import Control) of the Ministry of Trade & Industry -Egypt
  •   FIHC (the Food Industries Holding Company) – Egypt
  •   NFSA (the National Food Safety Authority ) – Egypt

Since 01.03.2005 the Controls Department has been recognized by ACCREDIA (Certificate of Accreditation n.031E) as company accredited for inspections of type “A” i.e. of food products, agricultural, zootechnical, derivatives and industial products (e.g. vehicles, machinery, equipment, consumer goods, etc., including commodity aids), in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard and with the related ILAC-P15:05/2020 guide “Application of ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for the Accreditation of Inspection Bodies”.

Our accredited inspection activities are described in our Quality Manual MDQ03 and defined by our General Regulation for the inspection Activities (RG 00).

In case of availability of decryption key it is possible to download MDQ03 and/or RG 00.

As of 05/10/2020 the Control Department has obtained the ISO / IEC 17020 accreditation with flexible scope, certificated by Accredia, in compliance with the RT-37 regulation and the international guidelines ILAC-G28: 07/2018.

In the attached document “Controlled List for flexible accreditation scope” are given details of the inspection activities accredited.

The procedure followed by Viglienzone Adriatica for the treatment of complaints and claims is reported in the RG00. 

Viglienzone Adriatica has also been recognized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency as company specialized in control and monitoring on an international level according to the Reg. (CE) n.612/2009 and in compliance with some sections of the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17065 standard. 

Viglienzone Adriatica Srl has completed positively the accreditation process according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012, obtaining accreditation by ACCREDIA as a body recognized for the certification of products, services (Certificate nr. 314 B Rev. 00)
The certification activity is described in the MDQ04 Quality Manual and defined by the General Regulations for the Certification of Products, Processes, Services (RG 01).

Certification schemes managed by Viglienzone Adriatica: Certification of the intra-company traceability system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 22005 (RG 02)
If a decryption key is available, it is possible to download MDQ04 and/or RG 01-02.

The procedure followed by Viglienzone Adriatica for the handling of complaints and appeals is reported in the RG00 for the Inspection activity and in the RG01 for the Product Certification activity.

Information on the validity of the product certifications issued by Viglienzone Adriatica is available upon request.

Furthermore, as rail logistics operator, Viglienzone has been GMP+FSA certified.


In 1987 Viglienzone Adriatica was recognized by the European Union as “Official Monitor” of humanitarian aids in favor of developing countries and on behalf of non-governmental organizations such as WFP (World Food Programme), UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency), UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) and C.I.C.R. (International Red Cross).

Viglienzone Adriatica is a member of:

TIC Council (the Testing, Inspection and Certification Industry)

FOSFA (the Federation of Oils & Fats Associations)

GAFTA (the Grain & Feed Association)

SAL (the Sugar Association London)

and is registered with:

A.G.E.R (Associazione Granaria Emiliano Romagnola)

C.A.C.C.S.G. (Associazione Commercio Cereali e Semi di Genova)

Associazione Granaria (Milano)

Associazione Nazionale Cerealisti (Roma)

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