With a view to updating of technology and service quality, Viglienzone has set up a modern and original data processing center that enables its clients, multinationals, rail operators, commercial operators and final consumers, to receive in real time news and information about their goods.

Through a central computer, linked to the peripheral terminals in the Viglienzone­controlled warehouses the operators at remote locations can know the stocks of their goods in the ports, the quantities loaded on wagon or on truck, the commercial activities of the vessels, the quantities picked up by their buyers, the quantities financed and a whole series of information required for a correct and rapid commercial and administrative management.

Such information may be found directly over Internet through dedicated management program.

System data Transmission

Viglienzone Adriatica has dedicated lines for the transmission of information of its customers from the ports to the main offices, allowing the real time data connection -and at the same time ensuring reliability and confidentiality of the service.

Back up sensitive data 

To ensure the highest reliability to its customers Viglienzone Adriatica has developed a complex system of back up of the critical data to its customers. 
The daily information are stored on dedicated servers owned by Viglienzone located in different places and far from each other to diversify the risk of data loss in case of exceptional events such as tampering, fire, thefts, break downs, etc. 
Strategic information are in turn transmitted to a specialized third company that stores them on its own servers and ensures recovery in cases they should not been available from the first security levels managed by Viglienzone.

Disaster recovery

Viglienzone Adriatica has adopted procedures that allow in case of catastrophic events in one of the two main offices to be able to reactivate all IT processes for the smooth running of the service to its customers through a duplication of both the hardware and of the source programs 
Through this mechanism in case of a catastrophic event in a reasonable defined time the main business processes are guaranteed.

Internet line back up 

Viglienzone Adriatica, to ensure continuity of the Internet connection, which is essential for the running of most of the business processes (customs operations, mail server, etc.) is equipped in case of breakdown of the main line with an internet backup system on high speed mobile network.

Optical storage

To eliminate most of the paper records (invoices / transport documents etc..) and at the same time to have the immediate availability of accounting records, Viglienzone Adriatica has adopted optical storage procedures through the purchase of specially dedicated software.