Liquids Department

Thanks to its experienced and high qualified personnel, our Company can perform inspection services on different kind of liquid products: food products, zootechnical products, biofuel, oil, chemical and petrochemical products, fertilizers and liquefied gases. 

Our inspection services include, according to clients’ requests:

  • Quantity and/or Quality controls on liquid products
  • Static and/or dynamic sampling
  • Inspections to ensure tanks cleanliness, their integrity and reliability 
  • Physical inventories to ascertain the quantity of stored goods
  • Tank calibration
  • Ascertainment and surveys of weight shortage/loss
  • Chemical-physical analysis through accredited laboratories
  • Verification of stocks and check of loading/unloading register at distribution points
  • Training courses for refinery and depots operators
  • Operational, Safety and Quality consultancy services

Main areas, sectors and places of intervention:

  • Means of transport : vessels, tanker trucks, rail tanks, tank-containers, flexi tanks etc.
  • Containers : reservoirs, pipes, storage tanks, drums, etc.
  • Ports, inland terminals, refineries, depots, factories,  petrol stations, distribution points, etc.

Since many years,  Viglienzone Adriatica is specialized in the field of food liquids, particularly, molasses, vinasses and soybean oils, etc and handles the discharge and/or loading operations, the sampling, the customs services and the redelivery onto trucks through its own skilled personnel in the port area, for the account of important international traders.

Upon request from its customers, Viglienzone Adriatica can make pumps and containment tanks available to be used for direct loading of food liquid products onto vessels.