Agrifood Sector

Viglienzone is specialized in the agri-food sector.

Our personnel can manage all customs and ports operations concerning vessels carrying agri-food products (wheat, flour, oilseeds, rice, sugar, etc.) both in export and in import and coordinate the delivery of the goods at destination by truck or train.

In case of damages or disputes, we perform surveys on the goods and provide legal coordination to safeguard the interests of the entitled party.

We have been performing for many years sampling services on behalf of various members of the agri-food supply chain (feed producers, traders and importers) mainly for cereals and meals through our qualified personnel,  located in the port terminals and thanks to our automatic sampling probes.

The utmost attention is paid to ensure the independence and neutrality of our services from the parties involved and represented in the supply chain, by following sampling procedures based on national and international contracts. 

As a member of Fosfa and Gafta, we offer sampling services during vessels loading/unloading operations in compliance with international sampling and reduction standards.