The entrepreneurial adventure

Viglienzone was founded in Genoa in 1924, dealing with cereal imports and by the 1930s many branches were already operative, including Ravenna, Venice and Leghorn. After the conquest of Ethiopia, the government’s decision to assign Viglienzone the sampling of all the wheat imported by the state allowed further expansion, with an important activity in Romania.

Post-war recovery is constant. Ravenna and Venice became strategic locations for Viglienzone Adriatica, which also increased in relevance thanks to its relationship with Brussels: the creation of the Common Agricultural Policy saw the company at the forefront, with relevant assignments also in the following decades.

In 1995 the Viglienzone Group was established, transforming and innovating the services offered on a global level: from the original import/export to customs consulting, from international quality controls to railway, maritime and land logistics.

Today, in 2024, the Group has offices all over the world and more than a hundred employees.

Viglienzone. Defenders of a hundred-year history, guarantors of a future of development and innovation.

Viglienzone Centesimo Anniversario